The Spiritually Awakened Initiate


The Spiritually Awakened Initiate is the companion book to Source Supreme.

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The Spiritually Awakened Initiate is the companion book to Source Supreme.

The teachings within The Spiritually Awakened Initiate  help you get off of the merry-go-round of extreme highs and lows with guidance from Advanced Initiates and True Spiritual Masters. Many have settled on being a good person as the goal of life. Since most people are already good, it may be difficult to remember that you don’t belong here and have lingered too long in the physical realm. This isn’t your true home. You may have a sense that you have let many opportunities for spiritual freedom pass by due to pride or stubborn clinging to old habits. Another opportunity is presented to you now with Divine Love.

When an Advanced Initiate or Spiritual Master connects a Soul to the Divine Sound Current it may occur in the physical realm or in the Subtle Realms. Often these Spiritual Beings show up in your life unannounced and do not reveal themselves. You may have received an initiation and gradually become aware of the deep significance of this in your life. As an Initiate you overcome the fear of death.  You begin to gain a deep and intimate relationship with the Subtle Heavenly Realms.

The fortunate Soul who is able to recognize an Advanced Initiate or Spiritual Master can break free of the cycle of reincarnation. You, as an individual, then recognize your true purpose for living. Through the Sacred Initiation, you, Soul, are reconnected to the Divine Sound Current. You express creativity and outflow Divine Love to All Beings. Living a balanced and responsible life here on Earth is essential as you unfold spiritually and express Love for All of Life.

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