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This book is about Spiritual Awakening to the Source Supreme. What is essential is for you to evolve and upgrade three areas of your life: 1) Discernment, 2) Discipline, and 3) Divine Love for All Life. This is an invitation to your deeper awakening and a powerful connection to Source Supreme. Each individual is so unique and there are thousands of variations of consciousness. That is why you must not accept a homogenized version of spiritual practices. The journey begins with considering Seven Awakenings. Spiritual Awakening includes Seven Gems of Truth that are united to form a prism of luminous light to guide and protect you and open your consciousness to the Divine Sound Current. A golden thread so strong that it unites each in Divine Love holds these truths together. These Seven Gems of Truth have been written about as seven universal principles of consciousness of the Source Supreme. For those reading today, each chapter is presented so you will discover treasures that are of the Spirit and shine forth into this world and all worlds.Each Awakening can also be considered an initiation into a higher consciousness. The Self-Contemplations included in this book are essential to make this real to you and move beyond theory. In chapter one, Awakening One: The One Source, we offer a Spiritual Protection Technique.  This will assure that you will receive the direct flow of the Source Supreme and be a distributing agent for the Light and Sound, without the need of intermediaries. We have found it is definitely possible to be free from negative influences and be a vehicle for Source Supreme. You are and have always been spiritually free. You are a King or Queen of nobility. Claim your God-given right of spiritual Self-mastership Here and Now. Awaken to the Majesty of Source Supreme.

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  1. Dr. Peter Ortiz, M.D. (verified owner)


    by Dr. Peter R. Ortiz, M.D.

    Personal commentary on the book Source Supreme – Advanced Practices for Spiritual Awakening by Ron Kurz, Ellen Laura & Mary Jean Valente

    Scottsdale, Arizona, Monday, October 27, 2014 1533 hrs.

    It has often been repeated that when the student or seeker is ready, the teacher or master will appear. Not in a very long time have I had this feeling concerning this excellent treatise on subjects that have been dear to my heart for many years. Actually, make that decades. I have been a student of human nature, physical, mental and spiritual for a long, long time. And now I find myself reading a book where everything I thought I had learned and knew, is spelled out so accurately that I find it fascinating. Plus there was stuff there I never thought about it, or at least approached it from a less accessible level.

    Now, let me warn you. This is not a book to read when you have nothing else to do or when physically and mentally exhausted after a day’s work. Read this book when you feel at your best according to your circadian rhythm, and possibly when your mind is at ease and not under some severe pressure or worry. I realize for some of us there may be hardly such a time in our daily activities. But, try it, you’ll like it.

    As a disclaimer let me start by saying that I have never met these authors. I am sure in due time I will do that if directed by a higher consciousness. It was my dear wife Joyce who met Ellen while visiting in Hawaii. So, after listening to all her adventures in those dear islands where we resided for a few years, she told me she had a surprise for me. She calls these “surcees” in a language only she and I understand. So into my waiting little paws came this jewel entitled Source Supreme. If a copy of this book comes into your hands or you decide to buy it, you can be sure that the person giving it to you or recommending it may be aware that you are a student in search and I seriously doubt that on the topics handed here, they could recommend teachers as knowledgeable or informed as these three above mentioned.

    Let me start by saying that my only regret, if I can call it that, is that this book did not find me early in my life when I decided to lead a life of service and become a physician. Mind you, at first I set out to be a priest, so medicine was a second choice. No further comments on this issue.

    Basically this little book is a handbook on how to live life and, most importantly, enjoy it to its fullest. I kid you not. I have never seen these ideas so well expressed in the common language of us humans. But, I caution you, it will take several readings, and concentrated studying, so you are able to live what you learn, so don’t give up on the first reading. So, your first rule is STICK TO IT. I can almost guarantee you, without ever meeting you, that, if you read and learn its contents, and live them, your life will never be the same. And by that, I should say, your life will never be better.

    In your hands you have a guide that will let you fully understand your past life, enjoy the present moment, and get ready for a happy your rest of lives, not only here on the earth-plane, but wherever your eternal soul winds up. The book will detail not only how to understand what you are reading, but will give you a precise description of the feelings you will experience when it becomes part of you, and it will. Believe me. This little jewel allows you to possibly repair your past, or at least understand it, and it gives you a sense that you will be in control and full knowledge of what is happening to you now and how to remedy it, if necessary, to the point that you will rejoice in just being alive and knowing how to deal with the rest of your known world, starting with your family. Actually, that last statement is not correct, change that to starting with yourself. Yes, dear readers, you have to get your lives in order before you venture out to help others you know need and could benefit from what you are about to introduce them to. Caution: START BY MAKING SURE THEY HAVE A COPY OF THE BOOK. It will be up to them to do so, but with the enthusiasm and change they can clearly see in your life, they will venture into it, IF IT IS THEIR TIME to do so. You have introduced them to the book. You have done your part as the authors have done their part. I am doing my part in my recommendations.

    I need not detail further into the details of this book. You will have to do this on your own, and I want you to get your own feeling into what you are reading, and if that feeling is right, you will live a different life. As I continue to think about this book, I think that it should be read in the first year of medical studies, and particularly so on the first year of psychiatric training. It will make them better helpers as I doubt they will run into spiritual aspects in their regular curriculum, but I can guarantee you, they will be better helpers. This will be a tool they will use almost constantly in their approach to their patients and their families, often burdened by the challenges psychiatric helping brings into their lives. And while we are at it, I would strongly recommended for anyone headed to becoming a priest, a nun or a minister. It matters not what religion they belong to or wish to live their lives of service in.

    Enough is enough already. I am headed to start yet another reading on this masterful teaching tool. And so it is. Much love and good dealing with the rest of your lives.

    Peter R. Ortiz, M.D.

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